Affiliate Program

Why become our affiliate?

We are an experienced company selling personalized products that belong to a high traffic niche.

With more than 25 years experience in manufacturing pinatas, our specialty today are custom pinatas for any occasion, be it kids birthdays or corporate events.

Personalized parties are huge today and people come to us looking for an exclusive pinata that will make their party unique. Our custom professional pinatas are also very popular today as an innovative promotional tool for corporate marketing. 

As an affiliate you will earn commissions by helping us spread the word about our specialized high quality products.

Benefits of Our Program

  • 10% commissions on all orders
  • High affiliate income per order thanks to:

    - High rate of bulk orders
    - Our most popular pinatas start at $49

  • Hundreds of exclusive designs sold by only

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To offer you the best experience as our affiliate, has based its affiliate program on the Shareasale Marketing Network. This provides a professional platform that includes easy sign up, effective marketing tools, detailed and precise reports and secure payments.

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