Custom Pinatas

If your idea is craziest than any of our designs, let us know... we love crazy! Let us build a custom pinata for you from scratch. Simply choose a size from the options below and send us an image to use as a guide. Click here to compare sizes

  • Medium Custom Pinata
    Medium Custom Pinata
    Price: $49.00
  • Large Custom Pinata
    Large Custom Pinata
    Price: $79.00
  • Super Size Custom Pinata
    Super Size Custom Pinata
    Price: $99.00
  • Custom Pinata
    We gave our boss a pinata of himself for his birthday. Everyone at the office had lots of fun beating it, even him!
  • Custom Pinata
    This is a brilliant idea, I like everything personalized so this is huge for me. Great product and was delivered on time.
  • Custom Pinata
    I ordered a pinata based on my girlfriend´s favorite doll as a kid (sent the pic) and it turned out great! She was moved to tears. 



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