Custom Pinatas

Order a Custom Pinata

You dream it, we build it! Your company logo, your boss, your favorite movie character... Any size, any shape, tell us what you want and we'll build a pinata from it!
Custom Prince John 

Pinata Custom Man with Shorts Pinata Custom Elsa 

Pinata Custom 

woma with glasses Pinata

Browse Our Signature Line of Pinatas Made in USA

American pinata masters leave their personal seal on each of these signature pinatas.

Let Us Build A Celebrity Pinata For You

From movie stars to politicians, the expert hands of our pinata makers haven't spared anyone!

Customize A Motor Pinata

Stop collecting model cars and get instead a 30 inches long, 3-dimensional, handmade pinata completely customized for you!

What makes us different from other party stores that sell pinatas?

We specialize in pinatas. We have been manufacturing pinatas since 1988. During this time, we have introduced new, unique designs and materials and more pinata masters from Mexico and the US have come to join our staff. Therefore, we have got the largest, most unique selection of professionally built pinatas. Plus, our pinata artisans are always open to innovative ideas from our customers: they are happy to make real the craziest designs!

A party is not a party without a pinata

If you've ever wondered why the pinata is the new party essential, the treats and gifts found inside might give you a clue, but especially the fun party game it involves is key to its success. Breaking a pinata shares the thrill that unwrapping a present entails and adds to the fun by opening it with others!

Since its origins, pinatas have involved a celebration. It is precisely due to all its festive features that the tradition has not only survived but even extended around the world.

Basically, most of our products are homemade pinatas. While the pinata is the main accent of the party, we are quite aware that you may have other party needs.That's why we also provide party supplies, such as invitations, disposable tableware and party favors to complete your celebration. Plus costumes, cause nowadays kids -and parents too!- like to dress up when attending or giving a themed birthday party.
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