Are you looking for an exciting party game idea to play at your child's indoor birthday party? Pull pinatas are designed for parents who prefer to have their children (particularly small children) play safer games or if the party game area is indoors.

The pull ribbon pinata is the gentler version of the pinata party game. Its pull-ribbon feature has many advantages in its innovative design.

Instructions for Pull Pinata Party Game:


The pull pinata is built like a regular pinata with a few exceptions. First, it has a secret trap door. Secondly, it has 20 to 30 ribbons that hang from the bottom. Only one "lucky" ribbon, however, is attached to the trap door that opens when the ribbon is pulled, allowing all the goodies to spill out. All the other ribbons are lightly attached and pull off when tugged.

1. Place kids around the pinata and have them choose one by one a ribbon to pull down.

2. When the "lucky" ribbon is pulled the candy and toys will fall out. Help kids pick them up and fill their loot bags.

Make everyone a winner!

To enhance the enjoyment of the pull pinata party game and to ensure that all kids get a prize, tie treats or prizes to the end of each ribbon. It's versatile! You do not need pinata busters or even blindfolds to play this version of the pinata game. As a bonus, an unbroken pinata can easily be repaired and kept as a memento of the party, or used as a child's room decoration.

Remember to add pinata fillers to your pinata order.