To complete this project you will need a pair of scissors and school glue.

1) Cut a 3"x3"x3" flap on bottom of piñata, as close to center as possible. Perforate two small holes in middle of flap.

2) From the inside, attach the piñata trap activator to flap, bring ribbon out of piñata.

3) Close flap making sure ribbon is left out. Do not secure flap with any tape or adhesive.

4) Using scotch or masking tape, attach each ribbon around base of piñata, pull the ribbon that is hanging out of trap and bring it to same level as other ribbons.

5) Spread school glue over the bottom of the piñata. Apply the tissue paper provided in kit making sure that all ribbons are completely covered. Apply a second layer of tissue around edges of trap. Let dry.

Your Pull Ribbon Piñata is ready to be used. Make this gentle game more exciting and fun. Make every player a winner! Just attach a candy or party favor at the end of each pull ribbon - every participant is a winner!