Whether you are hosting an adult or kids indoor or outdoor party, the pinata party game is bound to be the highlight of the event. It's a fun game
 for birthdays and a great party game idea for any other occasion as well. Normally, the traditional pinata game as described below is played as an outdoor party game but it can also be played at a garage, auditorium, or other indoor facility of appropriate size. If your party game area is limited to a small room, we suggest you take a look at our Pull Pinatas.

Click here for an animated step by step guide on how to play the pinata game or follow the instructions below:

1. First, make sure you have everything needed to play the party game, such as a rope, a place from where to hang the pinata (such as a tree branch, a basketball hoop, two adults holding ends of a rope with pinata hanging from the middle, etc.), pinata candy and/or toy stuffers (you can also include large confetti), a pinata buster stick and blindfolds for the participants.

2. Fill the pinata with the goodies before guests arrive at the party, so that they won't know what surprises are inside. This gives the kids an element of surprise for the game ahead.

3. Before the party game begins, you may use the pinata as a festive centerpiece. When you're ready to begin playing, take the pinata and hang it from the designated place in the party game area.

4. Organize the kids in a line, starting with the smallest one all the way to the tallest one. If the boy or girl is very young, they won't require a blindfold. Traditionally, children over 3 years old are blindfolded, then spun around a few times, provided with the pinata buster stick and let loose to play the party game by hitting the pinata.

5. For safety's sake, while a child is hitting the pinata during the game, all other children must be kept away (a minimum 15' radius is recommended) from the hitter. Furthermore, the child should have completely ceased to hit the pinata before you allow the other children to go grab the goodies spilled on floor. This safety instruction is of utmost importance and cannot be emphasized enough.

6. Allow each child to hit the pinata at least a couple of times before you move on to the next child.

7. To make the pinata party game even more fun, the pinata must be swung up and down, and guests must be encouraged to misdirect the pinata hitter (if the pinata is down, tell the hitter the pinata is up, etc).

8. You may also want to throw candy with your hands while the pinata is being hit. To make sure that all kids have fun, make sure that all children have gotten some candy at the end of the game.

Pinatas have been for long and are still the most fun birthday party game idea. The party game is equally fun for boys and girls. This outdoor or indoor birthday party game idea will absolutely be the highlight of the party and memories of the game will bring smiles for years to come for both children and adults.