Dinosaurs Fossils

You will need a few packages of air-drying clay, plastic dinosaurs, leaves, plastic bugs, small chicken or turkey bones, etc. Do not be afraid to be creative! Make clay balls beforehand and hand one to each kid. Kids will flatten their clay ball, press the objects into the clay and then remove them. Just let the fossils dry. Kids can decorate them with paint, glitter and other fun stuff. A fossil hunt can also be organized afterwards if the kids are up to it.

Dinosaurs Cutouts 

Cut out dinosaur shapes from construction paper. Let the kids decorate them with glitter, dyed macaroni and rice, felt pens, etc.

Jurassic Pinata 

There are many amazing dinosaur pinatas to choose from: Select our Brontosaurus pinata or a standing Baby T-Rex Pinata! Fill them with plastic dinosaurs, dinosaurs' blowouts and candy.