Ladybug Lost Spots

Prepare some black bean bags in advance. Have a large ladybug on the floor cut out of red paper, but without any spots! You can also make the legs and the antenna out of black paper if you wish.  Place the children a distance away, depending on their age, and they will take turns to throw the bags to make the ladybug’s spots! The winner is the one with the most bags inside the ladybug.

Wrap the Caterpillar

The object is to wrap the caterpillar in a cocoon!
You will need to divide children in teams of 4 or 5 and provide each team with a roll of toilet paper.
Each team has a volunteer who will be the caterpillar (they can all have a go!) At the word of “go” each team will have to wrap their caterpillar in toilet paper and first one to finish wins, making sure the faces are not wrapped up as well! Reward the winning team with Ladybug Lip Gloss Key Chains for the girls and plastic funny insects for the boys. Make sure that at the end of the game all kids have a prize.

Pin the Missing Spot

Cut a ladybug out of red construction paper and some spots out of black construction paper. Stick 3 spots on one half of the ladybug, and just 2 spots on the other side, with the spot in the middle missing. The children will have to try placing the missing spot where it belongs. The winner is the one who is closest.            

Play the Pinata Game

The ladybug pinata will be the highlight of the party.  Use as a centerpiece to decorate your table before the game begins. Fill with candy, ladybug lip gloss key chains and ladybug rings. Stand kids in a line, blindfold the first player and provide a buster bat. Beating the pinata is so much fun!