First of all, let’s give the party its Ladybug atmosphere.

Have some red balloons and use a black marker to add black spots to them. Stick some twisted straws at the top to make the antennae. Mix and match red spotted balloons with large ladybug foil balloons and ladybug mini balloons. Once the party is over, mini balloons can be given out to children as party favors they can take home.
Ask children to come up dressed in red. Have some sticky black spots ready and stick them all over as guests arrive! You can also paint their faces red with one or two black spots. 
Decorate your table with a red table clover and Oreo cookies for the spots, or use our ladybug table cover that will make clean-up a breeze!
Make paper flowers using butcher paper or tissue paper, stick them on floors, walls etc…Cut out some ladybugs out of red construction paper with black dots for added decoration. Our tissue paper flowers also make gorgeous decorations for a ladybugs party.
Also a Ladybug Pinata is an all-time favorite for boys and girls.