Feed the Hippo

On a board, draw a large face of a hippo, mouth wide open. Make an opening on the board by cutting all around the mouth’s outline. Provide children with nuts. Draw a line on the floor about 8 feet away from the hippo and have each child take a turn to throw nuts in its mouth. Those who miss wait for the next turn. Winner is first who uses up all the food. Give out Animal Mugs as prizes. You can also fill mugs with candy and toys and give out as loot bags.

Organize a Safari

This game can be played indoors as well as outdoors. Collect some toy jungle animals and place them around the house or the garden. Provide each kid with a safari pith helmet or safari hat.

Make up a safari story, walking through the jungle, roaring like lions, howling like monkeys etc. While telling the story give kids hints of where the toys are hidden. Children will look for as many animals as they can and get to keep them once found.

Some children can also disguise themselves as animals using Jungle Animal Masks or Animal Visors and make part of the safari’s scenery. The story teller can teach kids what each animal eats and have them “feed” the animals. This is an educational activity both actors and spectators will enjoy!
Pin the Tail on the Tiger

This is Pin the Tail on the Donkey with a difference. Instead of having a donkey on a board, draw a tiger. Make some stripy tails and stick tags with the children’s names on them. Proceed as you would with the donkey’s game.
Safari Guess Who

Children describe an animal of their choice, using words, sounds and movement. Animal typical behavior should be encouraged. Children will roar like lions, laugh like hyenas, howl like monkeys, together with gestures, movements and facial expressions. Winner is first one to recognize the animal being mimicked.
Monkey in the middle

Two children have to throw the ball to each other. The monkey is in the middle and has to try to catch the ball. If the monkey catches the ball the one who threw the ball last becomes the monkey in the middle. This game can also be played with more children. Children have to make a circle and throw the ball from one to another while the monkey, who is standing in the middle of the circle, tries to catch the ball.

Jungle Party Pinatas

 A Jungle Safari Party would not be complete without its jungle animal piñata. Choose a monkey, hippo, zebra, lion, giraffe or any other Jungle Animal Pinata to decorate and play the pinata party game.