Tinkerbell Tag

Children can take turns at being the fairy, and wand in hand, they have to chase children and try to tag them. Once tagged, they freeze until other children sprinkle them with fairy dust.

Butterfly Feeding

For this game you will need to draw a large flower on a board or you can use our 8” flower cutouts. Find on the internet some drawings of butterflies that can be colored, stick them on construction paper and cut them out. Give one butterfly to each child. Provide pilots and let kids color their butterfly and write their name on it. When they are done, add double sticky tape to the back of each butterfly. Children are blindfolded and they must try to stick their butterfly on the flower. The one that hits the center wins!
Kids will love taking their butterfly home!

Fairy Traces

Hide small fairy party favors around the house or garden and show the way to their hiding places with a line of glitter. Kids must follow the “fairy traces” to find the gifts and get to keep what they find. In order to have each child get a prize, create as many glittery paths as the number of kids coming to the party and show each child a path they must follow to find their prize.

Fairy Necklaces

Collect a bunch of flowers in advance and place them under thick books to dry. You can ask at a flower store for withered ones that they can give away. Once dry, make a hole on them and put in a large bowl. Provide beads, sequins and nylon for the girls to alternate with the dry flowers and create their own fairy necklaces!  
If you have a soft flower-scented body splash you can splash the dry flowers with it. Fairies smell like flower gardens!

Fairy Pinata Game

Have a Fairytale Unicorn Pinata  to use as centerpiece and decorate your table. Fill with candy and toys, hang from a tree branch or beam and get ready to play the pinata party game!

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