Let the Magic Begin

Girls love fairies, dressing up and sparkles the world over! Here are some suggestions to decorate and make this party look like a fairy’s dream:

Set the table magically with adorable Fairy Party Supplies, Tinkerbell is the most popular fairy among girls.
Finish your table decoration with flowers and glitter. Match your party theme with Fairy balloons and lavender crepe streamers.
Ask guests to come dressed up as fairies. Let the birthday girl wear a fairy costume as well. For cold weather, butterfly wings and a fairy wand is enough to turn girls into these magical forest guardians! They can also wear a tutu over their jeans to complete the outfit.

Fairies are popular among girls and especially if they are “princess” fairies! So make sure you add a tiara to your girl’s costume. Try making your own crown with wire, pink ribbon and silk flowers and butterflies.

Face painting is a hit at any girl’s birthday party. Paint small glittery butterflies on their faces as girls arrive to the party.

Fairy Pinata

Have a Fairytale Unicorn Pinata  to use as centerpiece and decorate your table. Fill with candy and toys, hang from a tree branch or beam and get ready to play the pinata party game!

Other Fairy Pinatas:

Princess Fairy Pinata
Fairy Princess Pinata
Tinkerbell Pinata