Lots of chicken drum sticks and pizza for this theme. Nothing too delicate here, as a slightly rough and easy going atmosphere is called for! Decorate your table with Gold Tooth Pirate party supplies and spread chocolate milk coins all over the table. More artistic parents can cut a large piece of butcher paper to fit their table and draw a map on it to use as a fun table cover!

Pirates’ Ruby and Crystal Punch

You will have prepared the jewels by filling the ice trays with fruit punch, using red food coloring and small pieces of red fruit. Pour over lemonade and serve in clear plastic cups.

Pirate Cake

Make a simple pirate ship cake!  Use one of your favorite cake recipes and fill 2 rectangular pans of medium and small sizes. When cooked, place small cake over larger one, right in the middle. Cover with chocolate icing. Decorate both cakes’ sides with circles of white vanilla icing to make the windows. Stick a pirate flag at the top of the cake. Decorate with frosted pirate suckers.