Treasure Hunt

There is no pirate party without a treasure hunt!
Make sure to have a treasure chest box ready, fill it with chocolate or plastic gold coins, skull and bones candies, pirate suckers, pirate figures and hide it.  Have a map ready and give it to the designated captain, the birthday child in most cases, and he or she will have to lead his clan with the help of clues. The first object is found, and it will carry the clue to the second object, which will carry the clue to the third, and so on until they are leaded to the treasure chest. To avoid pirates fighting over the loot, divide the “treasure” among kids yourself. You can also place named pirate loot bags for each guest inside the chest box. 

Treasure Toss

Before the guests arrive use gold spray paint and plastic jewels to decorate a cardboard box and make it look like a chest.
Fill five bags with plastic gold coins. Stand kids in a line and place chest at a distance. Children will take turns to toss the bags into the box. You can hide the bags of coins around the house and tell kids to find them before playing the treasure toss game.

The Cat o’ Nine Tails Game

You will need to provide the children with tails. This can be easily done with long strips of cloth of one Yard by 2 or 3 Inches.  Help them insert the tails into the back of their pants, so that the tails just touch the ground. The children have to chase each other and try to step on the tails in order to pull them out. Children who loose their tails are disqualified and the winner is the last one with a tail on.  Reward each player with skull and bones gummy candies.