Kids will love to help you decorate these gorgeous cupcake dolls! Make cupcakes, remove paper cups and put upside down on a tray. Stick a small doll in the center of each cupcake or make dolls’ head and body using marzipan or cookie dough. Sit kids at the table and give them a cupcake to decorate. You can teach them how to add the frosting and decorate with sprinkles by doing it yourself on one of the cupcakes. Give them a hand if needed and suggest different decoration patterns to each.

Hot Dragons

Fun hot dogs for a princess party! Use toothpicks to stick 2 olives to one end of the bread. These will be the dragon’s eyes. Cut long pieces of cheese with arrow-like ends. Insert one piece of cheese on the bread’s end with the olives to make the tongue. Add another piece of cheese to the other end to make the tail. Add 2 small pieces of lettuce inside the bread, letting them stick out to each side as dragon wings.

Pink Lemonade

The perfect drink for a princesses banquet! Serve pink lemonade on Princess Stem Glasses or Tulip Champagne Glasses. These will decorate your table and kids will love drinking from these royal glasses.