Find the Royal Jewels

Fill ¾ of a large bowl with sand. Hide plastic jewels in it. Give out a pair of Chinese sticks to each child and tell them to pick out the hidden jewels in the bowl with them. Kids get to keep the jewels they find as party favors they can take home.

Looking for a Prince

Draw a frog (approx. 3” x 3”) or download from the internet and copy 6 times on a letter-size sheet. Print out 15 sheets and cut the frogs out - a square around the picture is enough, no need to cut them around the outline. Draw a crown on the back of one of the frogs. Then stick the frogs around the house in visible places. When all the guests have arrived tell them that one of the frogs around the house is a prince and they have 5 minutes to find it. They also have to hunt as many frogs as they can. The child with the most frogs and the one that gets the “prince” win a prize!

Princesses Quest

You will need a plush or plastic toy frog of any size. This is a relay race with a number of tasks; here we suggest a few but you can add more tasks if you want. Ask kids to take off their shoes and put them in a lump. They must make 2 teams and each team must form a line. The first kid in each line must go find their shoes and put them on, run to a lump of toys, find the frog, kiss it and come back to pick up their loot bag. The team that ends first wins!

Princess Party Pinatas

Beat a special pinata for a princess party, such as a princess castle, a medieval castle, a princess crown or a dragon pinata! Fill it with princess party favors such as blinking rings, frog jumpers, flipping frogs, Neon Jelly Bracelets, chocolate milk coins and candy. Pinatas make a great party decoration or table centerpiece and are fun to beat and break! For younger kids, you can purchase our pull ribbon conversion kit and turn your pinata into the safer pull ribbon version.