Number pinatas

Number Pinatas

There's no way to get it wrong with our Number Pinatas! Match any party theme with a number pinata on the birthday kid's age.

Our customers love the shiny effect of our pinatas built with holographic paper: watching them dance in the air and sparkle when they catch a gleam of light is quite a show!

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First birthdays are a milestone in a baby's life and the pinata party game will add to the memories of that special day. Introduce your kid to this ancient party tradition that both children and adults love. Let your baby and his little friends "tap" the pinata with a stick and help them break it open. If you prefer the gentler pull pinatas version, our Number 1 Pinata can be converted into a Pull Pinata with our Pull Pinata Conversion Kit.

For older kids -and adults- whose age involves 2 digits, build their age with our Number Pinatas. Putting number pinatas together also does the trick for business anniversaries and even for wedding anniversaries!

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