Princess Riding Unicorn Pinata

Large Princess Riding Unicorn Personalized Pinata

  • $7900

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This awesome pinata can be used as centerpiece decoration for your party table or just fill with candy and toys and play the traditional party game!

Features of Princess Riding Unicorn Personalized Pinatas

  • CONCEPT OF Princess Riding Unicorn Personalized Pinata: The concept is for you to pick a fun pose from our selection and put your face on it! Find something you like to do or have it be a fantasy! This is similar concept to the hand-drawn caricatures offered by street artists in many tourist areas.

  • SIZE OF PINATA: Your Princess Riding Unicorn Personalized Pinata is much larger than the typical 20 inch commodity pinata found in retail stores. The Standup Pinata is approximately 32 x 13 x 10 inches (28-30 inches height if length or width dimensions increase) although the actual dimensions will vary depending on features and pose of the subject. The Bust Pinata is approximately 24 x 17 x 12 inches.

  • FILLER CAPACITY: Large Princess Riding Unicorn Personalized Pinata holds around 5 pounds of toys and candy (sold separately), for approximately 15 loot bags.

  • WHAT WILL MY PINATA LOOK LIKE: Princess Riding Unicorn Personalized Pinata is handmade and subject to artist's cartoonish rendition, and will have some differences to image you provide.

  • UPLOADING IMAGES: Your Princess Riding Unicorn Personalized Pinata will be created just for you by our pinata artists using a cartoonish style of image provided. The guide that we use for building your custom pinata may be the image we provide or one that you send us. If you choose to send us an image, please do so by replying to the Order Confirmation email that you will get after you place your order.

  • SPECIAL INSTRUCTIONS: Use Special Instructions area on Cart page to let us know any special requirements you have for your custom pinata.

  • LEAD TIME: Each pinata is especially made for you. Allow 11-14 days for pinata to arrive in your home. To receive pinata in 8-10 days select Rush Service. Note: Due to pinata size, no Express Shipping is available.

  • NO RETURNS OR CANCELATIONS: We begin working on your custom pinata upon receipt of order. No returns or cancelations are accepted. Your credit card will be charged in full at time order is placed.

  • PHONE ORDERS: Order online or on phone. Please call us at 1-888-315-2524 for any questions or to place phone order.

  • CELL NUMBER: We want your custom pinata to be just right, so, upon checkout, please supply us with your cell number in case we need to confirm anything with you.

  • Click for Pinata Filling Instructions | Click for Pinata Game Instructions

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