Medium Day of the Dead Wedding Couple Pinata


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Til death do us part! This skeleton bride and groom are ready to spend a lifetime together and beyond. Each pinata holds 3 lbs. of toys and candy (sold separately). Bride pinata measures approx. 26" high by 13" long by 9" deep and groom measures 32" high by 14" long by 5" deep. Pinatas feature skeleton bride and groom sharply dressed for their wedding.

Skeleton wedding couples are popular imagery from Dia de los Muertos Mexican folk art. Day of the Dead on November 2nd is a colorful celebration to remember departed loved ones and call their spirits. The idea of "eternal love" is represented by the skeleton wedding couple, embraced today in the US as decor for wedding receptions, bridal showers, engagement parties, marriage proposals and wedding anniversaries.

This is the perfect photo prop, table centerpiece and party game for a wedding! They are also popular on Halloween and of course, on Dia de los Muertos.

To fill your pinata follow the instructions below:

1. Pinatas come with a round sticker that reads "TO OPEN PRESS HERE". Press down on this spot through the tissue paper. This spot will usually give to gentle pressure.

2. If you have any trouble opening the tab cut a U shaped opening on this spot using a cutter or scissors.

3. Lift the lid towards you and fill the opening with candy and party favors.

Here's how you play the pinata game:

1. Make sure you have a rope, a place from where to hang the pinata (a tree branch, a basketball hoop, or two adults holding rope from both ends), pinata fillers, a buster stick and a blindfold. Find these in the Recommended Items list below the product's image when you close this window.

2. Fill the pinata with the goodies before guests arrive at the party.

3. Hang the pinata from the designated place.

4. Organize the kids in a line, starting with the smallest one to the tallest one.

5. Blindfold first player, spin him/her around a few times, provide with the buster stick and direct to where the pinata is.

6. While a child is hitting the pinata all other children must be kept at least 15' away from the hitter. When the pinata breaks open, take buster stick away from hitter before allowing other children to grab the goodies.

7. Allow each child to hit the pinata at least a couple of times before you move on to the next child.

8. To make the game even more fun, swing the pinata up and down, and tell guests to misdirect the hitter (eg. if the pinata is down, tell hitter the pinata is up).