Los Angeles couple Karen Chan and Clayton Lee are not your typical couple. That's why they decided to skip the cake on their wedding reception and instead opted for smashing a customized pinata in the shape of a wedding cake!


Source: Luke and Mallory


The bride, Karen Chan, who's a food blogger at Honestly Yum, spoke to the Huffington Post about her and her husband's choice of having a pinata instead of cake:


“We actually don’t really care for cake and frankly, we felt it was a low-priority wedding item. We just loved the idea of a piñata — they are so fun! And the fact that it was a cake shape, was a small act of rebellion against the cake tradition.”


The groom, Clayton Lee, also said they "just wanted to do their own thing."


Source: Luke and Mallory


The pinata was filled with candy, confetti poppers, bubble blowers, glow-in-the-dark jewelry, sunglasses, and other goodies. The couple took turns to break the pinata while guests took pictures and laughed, while waiting for the pinata to be smashed open!


“Everyone loved it. Adults and kids alike all rushed for loot after Clay tackled the piñata.” Karen said.


The couple even ordered a customized cake topper of themselves on the pinata!


Source: Luke and Mallory



Check more of Karen and Clay's big day next! Video is courtesy of The Quail & The Dove.