Everyone loves a good ol' pinata! They provide a fun way to animate a children's party...Well, actually, any party! Some celebrities took their love of pinatas beyond and had them on their parties, music videos and even concerts!



In the first place of our top 5, we have Miley Cyrus, who's a big fan of pinatas. She had this cute Boo bear pinata for her Bangerz Album Release Party on 2013. We're sure this pinata took the spotlight!

She also had a beer pinata on one of her music videos: "We can't stop" had Miley cracking open this cold one with her pals. Honestly, that looked like such a fun shoot!




Beautiful Emma Watson comes a close second in our list. For her 23rd birthday, the Harry Potter star had not just one, but 23 pinatas! That's 23 times more fun having a go at all of them!




This iconic rock band encouraged their fans in Mexico city to break a Trump pinata at one of their reunion concerts. Check how everything went down on the video below!


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Salma Hayek also joined the Trump piñata craze: One of her friends gave her a Trump Pinata as a gift. She later posted a picture on her Instagram and asked her followers what she should do with it, while holding a stick dangerously close to the Trump pinata.




Chelsea is one of our favorite comedians here at She also had a Trump pinata made by us, and had a lot of fun breaking it in Aguascalientes, Mexico. Check it for yourself!

What about you? Do you love pinatas as much as these stars do? 


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