One of the best moments in a party is when finally someone breaks out the pinata and all the surprises inside comes out! if you want to see all your guests excited looking on the floor you need to put different fun things inside your pinata.


Source: Michael Saechang

Here the top 5 fun things to put inside of your new pinata buddy!

1. First of all you need to choose the theme of your party so you can fill your pinata with all the fun stuff. Depends of the theme of your party you can put inside little toys according to the party vibe ( Maracas, squishy animals and Yo-yo’s).

2. Lots of Confetti: it will make all the things inside look more fun.

3. Traditional mexican candies: like Mazapanes and colorful lollipops, as everybody know pinatas are from Mexico so traditional candies is a good treat to fill it.

4. Temporary tattoos and stickers: almost everyone loves these two they are fun and easy to use.

5. Coins and Dollar bills: is a good idea specially for the little ones.

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