Enrique Medrano González is a Nicaraguan 100 year old man. Born on July 9, 1917, he atributes his longevity to a healthy lifestyle: He was a very active man, due to having to hunt his own food. He also built his own house, where he now lives with his grandchildren. At 100 years, he is capable of reading the newspaper without glasses, he clearly remembers the names of each member of his family and can even walk without any help!



One month ago, Enrique celebrated his 100th birthday on his house in Bocas del Toro, Nicaragua, with his 4 children, 30 grandchildren and numerous great-grandchildren: They sure are a big family!

They organized a baseball themed bash with a birthday cake with a picture of Enrique, and  a candle with the number 100!  They sang Happy Birthday to him and after eating cake, Enrique bashed a baseball pinata with the help of one of his grandchildren! After breaking the pinata, his great-grandchildren ran to grab the candy that fell out of the pinata!



Happy (belated) birthday Enrique! We wish you good health and many years to come!