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This Man Celebrated His 100th Birthday With A Pinata!

Enrique Medrano González is a Nicaraguan 100 year old man. Born on July 9, 1917, he atributes his longevity to a healthy lifestyle: He was a very active man, due to having to hunt his own food. He also built his own house, where he now lives with his grandchildren....

Make an awesome Death Star Pinata!

Make an awesome Death Star Pinata!

The force is strong with this pinata! If you're a hardcore Star Wars fan like us, this pinata is perfect for you! This Death Star piñata is actually fairly simple to make and the material can be easily found in your house or any store too!   Let's get down... was at the BizBash Live Event Los Angeles!

  That's right! was part of one of the exciting live events organized by BizBash, the leading trade media for the event industry. Some of its past attendees are Adobe, Apple, Inc., Disney, Google, HBO, NBCUniversal and Warner Bros.  We went to find our AHA moment at BizBash Live, in...

Spiderman Vs Venom Pinata Challenge!

Spiderman Vs Venom Pinata Challenge!

We love this adorable video! Take a side on this epic match: Its Spiderman Vs Venom, fighting over a fun Pinata to see what's inside! Who will be the winner? Tell us in the comments below!  

Bachelorette Pinatas: The Best Idea for the Party Before Marriage

Bachelorette parties are one of the most creative events one can organize. There are no limits to what an ingenious mind can make of one. Any kind of objects and games imaginable can be featured in these occasions, and there are always people on the lookout for what to do...

Soccer Player Robben Becomes a Pinata After Soccer Match

  Mexico D.F, July 11. Netherlands striker Arjen Robben can now be purchased and beaten in birthdays, parties and miscellaneous celebrations. Well, this is not completely true. It is not the soccer player the one that is going to be bashed to bits (to many Mexicans' chagrin) but rather his...