Having a baby is one of the most important events in a family’s life, and throughout the last few
decades people have come up with the most interesting and original ways of announcing the
sex of the soon-to-come newest member of the family.

From showing the baby’s sonogram, to blue or pink cakes, and to even having cupcakes
stuffed with blue or pink cream; parents all over the world have found very imaginative ways to
announce their new baby’s sex to their loved ones.

This trend has evolved even further and nowadays people have turned a children’s party
favorite into a innovative and original way to celebrate the announcement of a new baby
coming to the family. Yes, piñatas have found their way into all different kinds of events and
occasions, from bachelor or bachelorette parties, to weddings, divorce parties, office parties,
to corporate events; and are still popular at kids parties, believe it or not.

However, many young and not-so-young parents are using Piñatas as a cool way to announce
what sex their newborn is going to be. They use many different shapes of Piñatas to do this, it
can be a question mark, a stork, chupon, a sphere, a bottle, anything you can imagine. And
when the time comes to crack open the piñata, instead of being showered by all kinds of sweet
colorful candy, it will reveal either pink or blue announcements, confetti, candy, etc. to
announce the sex of the new baby.

What an amazing and joyous way to celebrate your new family member! At you
can order a customized piñata made in the shape and size of your preference and have a fun
and original party to reveal to your loved ones the sex of the newest and youngest member of
your family.

By Diego Garzón