After its origins as a means of religious practices and good fortune rituals, the piñatas became
a staple at kids parties around the world; especially in Spanish speaking countries like Mexico,
Spain, Latin America; and even the United States. Slowly but surely, the use of piñatas spread
to other countries and is now a worldwide phenomenon in kids parties everywhere.

However, piñatas have also grown up and it is common nowadays to see them in all kinds of
events. Not only are they beaten with a stick at kids birthdays and parties, but they are now
also beaten by adults everywhere. It is even fashionable and attractive to see a piñata filled
with all kinds of naughty goods in bachelor or bachelorette parties where half-drunk twenty somethings beat the piñata and pile on top of each other to grab some kind of goodie or

Not all is fun and games, piñatas can also be found at more serious events like fairs and
conventions. They are used as promotional and marketing tools and have been proven to be
very attractive towards the audience and clients at these events.

Finally, Piñatas have also been able to spread their influence to parties and gatherings all year
long; from having a rabbit-shaped piñata in Easter, to having a turkey piñata on Thanksgiving
and a Santa Claus Piñata on Christmas, piñatas are used year-round to make all eventos not
only more fun, but also more stylish and original.

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By Diego Garzón