The new year brings with it a whole new calendar that already has many of its dates filled with
events and anticipation; and as days go by, it continues to get filled with new and exciting
events all the time; sometimes so much that you sometimes do not even know which event to
attend, or might even forget one that you were looking forward to.

These events range from the common family gatherings for holidays or special dates such as
birthdays, anniversaries; to more elaborate ones such as weddings, bachelor parties, baptisms,
bar-mitzvahs and even to celebrate a recent divorce.

However, there are other very important kinds of events that also filled calendars with months
of anticipation. Events like fairs, expositions, openings and inaugurations, political campaigns,
product launches and activations, and so many others.

But, what do they all have in common? What does a nephew’s birthday have in common with
the launching of a new product line in a major company? How does a bachelorette party
compare to the industry’s international expo? Well, for instance, at some level, all these
gatherings and events need preparation and consideration of a theme or ambiance the event
planner wants to create. Nevertheless, other similarity these events will have in 2018, is that
you can count on some events and some attendees to stand out from others and make a real
statement by using a customized piñata to draw attention and differentiate themselves from the
common masses.

From corporate logos and products, to a person’s likeness reproduced in a piñata; to even a
celebrity or a superhero being standing right next to you as a piñata; there is no limit but your
imagination to what we at can create for you to make your next even or gathering
one to really remember and be as memorable as you really want it to be. Visit us a
and see for yourself today.

By Diego Garzón