They say that a pinata can make any kind of party more memorable, and in we agree that. Pinatas stopped being only a festive decoration used only by Mexican families a are have broken into mainstream media because of how fun they are! This is not an understatement, pinatas have actually been featured in Talk shows as notorious as John Oliver's Last Week Tonight, Jay Leno's Tonight Show, and many others. And they are also being used to entertain all sorts of guests in countless different parties and celebrations.

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Weddings are not an exeption. The trend to use wedding-themed pinatas for this type of events is on the rise. Engaged couples are now more interested in buying pinatas than ever before, and how can blame them? Pinatas are loads of fun for everybody!

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Which are the designs that engaged couples prefer the most for their wedding? well, unsurprisingly enough, the most sought-after designs are hearts, cakes, rings, stars, a pinata version of a maried couple, and all the ones that convey love and positive emotions.

Here are some of the best wedding pinatas you can use for celebrating the best day of your life!

Bride and Groom
Cake Pinata

Letters Pinata