Since its roots in Mexican cultura, Piñatas have played an important role in many different
celebrations, both religious and non-religious. However, Piñatas are mostly connected to the
image of a donkey; but why?

The image of a donkey is connected to the traditional Mexican festival of Our Lady of
Guadalupe. During these celebrations, families gather together for parties at which Mexican
food and piñatas are featured. According to the bible, it was a donkey that carried the very
pregnant Virgin Mary with Jesus to Bethlehem. Ownership of many donkeys is a sign of God’s
blessing. The Bible often specifies whether a person rode donkeys, since this was used to
indicate a person’s wealth in much the same way luxury cars do today. Traditional shapes for
the piñata include donkeys (for the donkey that carried Mary), fish (symbolizing Christ) and
birds (for the birds that sang when Mary appeared to Juan Diego).

Nowadays, Piñatas come in all different shapes and sizes, from the traditional donkey and star
shapes, to anything you can imagine, like cars, people, logos, animals and more. At you can let your imagination run free and wild and order a custom made piñata
resembling anything you want.

By Diego Garzón