The Kennedys have spoken: they think the best way to celebrate the 4th of July is with the bashing of a pinata of the infamous politician and business tycoon Donald Trump. Many agree with them.
Donald Trump has been one of the most controversial people to ever run for president. This has given him enough notoriety to be made into a pinata. And get a nice bash even by the Kennedys. This presidential candidate is famous (or, better put, infamous) for his politically incorrect statements about Mexicans, Arabs, women and Liberals. He sure does not like to mind his language.

Donald Trump Pinatas: Mexicans Rage Unleashed

One group that is particularly interested in bashing this politician (in all the sense of the word) is Mexicans living both in Mexico and in Latin-American communities in the U.S. Our favorite real estate developer's politics and statements about Mexicans are all but friendly, and as a way of retaliating, Mexican pinata-makers decided to start building pinata versions of him. They sell like hotcakes in both countries and are bought by everyone (not only Latinos). Many people (celebrities included) have gotten one of these in order to bash it and send a statement to the person they represent.


Donald Trump Pinata hanging out with the Kennedys waiting for his moment to burst out his sour Mexican candy.


The Most Famous Donald Trump Pinata

This Monday, another group of influential personalities added to the trend. The pinata of the GOP nominee was among the decorations used at the Kennedys' 4th of July celebration in Massachusetts. It was Robert F. Kennedy Jr.'s daughter Kathleen "Kick" Kennedy the one who posted a photo of the goldern' haired, combed-over pinata, adding the comment: "It´s a yuge party!".

Courtesy of Daily News

She later deleted the post, but it was already too late. The internet community had already taken notice of this, and they started re-posting the screenshots and sending them to their friends. 

Now, if the Kennedys are doing it, why shouldn't we? Click here to get your Donald Trump Pinata!