While browsing the internet we recently found what the Guinness Records claim to be today's world's largest pinata: A traditional Mexican multicolor "burro" (donkey) pinata just like the burro pinata we have for Cinco de Mayo or any fiesta event, but this one is 65 ft. high! 

The giant donkey pinata was the main actress of a TV commercial. The commercial shows the pinata being broken open in its traditional way, that is, beaten. Of course, not even all the attendees to the event would have been able to break it open, first of all because it was too tall to reach its belly, where the candy was found. A wrecking ball was used instead to smash the pinata!
The pinata was part of a marketing strategy developed by Carnival Cruise Lines on November 2nd, 2008 in Philadelphia. Hundreds of people were invited to enjoy this magnificent event where the pinata was broken open letting out 8,000 lbs of candy! Of this, 4,000 lbs were donated to local non-profit organizations.