A Nova Scotia man has accused Air Canada of taking its security regulations to the extreme after airline officials took away a pinata he bought for his daughter on a trip to Mexico.

A disappointed Robert Braunschweig said he purchased the animal-shaped pinata — made from papier mache — at a Pearson Airport gift shop after arriving on an Air Canada flight from Mexico.

Braunschweig said the item was taken from his bag by a flight attendant as he boarded a connecting Air Canada flight to Nova Scotia. She claimed the item was a 'threat to security'

Braunschweig said the attendant claimed the item is ”not allowed on the plane because they are soaked in kerosene.” It is worth mentioning that the object was bought in a secure area of Toronto's airport, not Mexico. But not even this argument could deter Air Canada's flight attendants and officials from taking it away from him.

The Arline's representatives just said that everyone's safety comes first than individual preferences. Well, there is no denying they might have taken it a little bit too far. A pinata, really? id that going to hurt everyone and cause a catastrophe?