A pinata ban in more than 30 Harris County parks has sprang up a lot of controversy because of the fact that it targets the Latino community and one of its most cherished traditions. Leaders, activists and politicians all worked towards having them removed.

Mark Seegers, a spokeman of Precinct 4 Commissioner, informed that the policy was approved six years ago to stop people from littering not only from pinatas, but also from party poppers and confetti. The policy was put in place because it was a challenge for the cleaning staff to keep up with the amount of garbage these activities were generating.

Many people however argue that all these signs discriminate against the Latino community. If the issue is about littering, then the focus of the sign should be on telling people not to litter, instead of "No pinatas allowed". You can trash a park with many things that are not pinatas of confetti.

This rule is being evaluated right now, and as a good measure the signs are to be removed by next Wednesday. This is yet another battle that pinatas win.