It has been said over and over again that pinatas are becoming more and more famous as they break into mainstream media and as the Mexican culture becomes more prominent in places like The United States and Canada. Many people love pinatas now: They are everywhere: malls, supermarkets, party supplies stores, etc. They have even been featured in famous Talk Shows such as Conan, Last Week Tonight with John Oliver, David Letterman, etc. 

Pinatas have become so commonplace that they have overtaken the old-fashioned donkey game in popularity, according to retailers. Children parties are now far more likely to include donkey pinatas than tailless donkeys if sales figures are to be believed. Tesco said that in the last six months pinata sales have increased 70%, the supermarket is now selling ten thousand of these a week.

The main reason why this is the case is because of the increase in popularity of pinatas among kids. But this is not the only cause: Parents are concerned about the game to pin the tail on the donkey kits because children need to play with drawing pins, something that can lead to a lot of accidents. Pinatas are more fun for kids and also safer.

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