Who said pinatas were not art?

Even though pinata making was in its beginnings only a religious practice, it quickly became part of the latin-american culture as a practice and tradition. However, it was never thought of as nothing more than that, a tradition. On recent years, there is an increasing trend to see pinatas more like an artistic expression than a hobby. And several organizations host exhibition were paper-mache creations are the protagonists.

Bragg’s Pie Factory hosts the annual Mutant Pinata Show in the vaulted space in this historic, cast-in-place concrete warehouse. Pinatas have been created by local artists, children, school groups, the YMCA, boys and girls clubs, and community members at large. Over 70 pinatas will be on view.

This innovative project proposes an alternative model to the standard contemporary art, aiming to recognize the talent and unique expression that is present within many communities.