Mexico D.F, July 11. Netherlands striker Arjen Robben can now be purchased and beaten in birthdays, parties and miscellaneous celebrations.

Well, this is not completely true. It is not the soccer player the one that is going to be bashed to bits (to many Mexicans' chagrin) but rather his pinata version. The motivation behind his becoming a pinata comes from what happened in the match between Mexico and Netherlands for the classification to the next stage of the Soccer World Cup. The Mexicans wanted some way to get some payback after the dutch player classified his team by taking a dive at the end of the match, causing a penalty to be sanctioned. 

He became so infamous that the hashtag #NoEraPenal ("It was not a penalty") became trending topic almost immediately after the event. Dalton Ramirez, owner and main pinata maker of Pinateria Ramirez, capitalized on this and decided to create a pinata based on him no long after.