Mexicans and Americans alike will now be able to hit drug lord "El Chapo". Several stores are offering now pinatas of his likeness.

Ramirez, one of the most famous pinaterias in Mexico, located in Reynosa, made the pinata version of the one and only Chapo, immediately after news of his recapture spread out last week. The piñata features a dirty version of the  kingpin, who leads the Sinaloa cartel, in handcuffs with a white tank top and blue pants.

​​Dalton Ramirez is the person behind this pinata. This pinata maker has become increasingly notorious thanks to his curious and innovative designs: he makes pinatas resembling every celebrity imaginable. that Not everyone swings at the piñatas, which retail for between $28 and $56. Some customers buy them to keep as souvenirs.

El Chapo was captured by Mexican authorities last Friday after months as a fugitive following his second breakout from a maximum-security prison.