How do you break a pinata? simple. You buy one. You fill it with candy. You hang it on a three and then you break it. It is not rocket science is it? Well, there are some that think the classic method for breaking pinatas is too easy, and therefore not interesting enough. Yeah, there are people that think it is too conventional. Well, everything changes, and i suppose that also applies to pinatas. The people at Vat19, an online store and also a prominent Youtube Chanel, decided to give it a twist to the activity we all love and enjoy in order to commemorate their videos getting 2 billion views. Hitting a pinata hanging on a three is not thrilling enough. How do we make it more interesting then? With a drone of course! Drones make everything much more interesting: shooting, fire-fighting, picture-taking, etc., tell me something good and I will tell you how drones can make it better! The question now is: what happened? Well, you will have to watch it for yourself, but the result is predictable enough. Are you ready to try it out yourself? No? well, you lack the courage, it is okay.