Pinatas, cows, and money. The three things that people love the most.Well this might be an exaggeration, but we can all agree that those three things are  liked by a lot of people. What happens if you put the three of them together? magic happens, without a doubt. This golden cow pinata is one of the best ones you are going to see in your life, so be prepared:


Impressive, huh? The story behind it is this: Sebastian Erruzuriz, a hugely popular artist and pinata maker, decided to build a golden pinata that was going to be used to inaugurate opening of NYCxDesign. There are many things interesting about this golden cow made of paper-mache and wires. For starters, it's size. It is darn big, secondly, its purpose. It was conceived to be a symbol against capitalism. How did it achieve this? that takes us to the third thing about this pinata: it was filled with money. Read that again. It was actually filled with money. Tootsierolls be damned, I want me some of the classic green! Why is this not a trend? why don't I get invited to the kinds of parties where people do that? I will never know.


Now seriously. the artist behind this gigantic golden cow filled it with a thousand 1-dollar bills to set a case against capitalism, a metaphor of sorts. What was the idea? simple. To make people fight over the money and to make a parallel to the way each one of us is so absorbed by money that we would not care about quarreling with others to get it. a message simple and powerful. 


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