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We thought it was time we wrote an article about this curious event. Let's address the elephant in the room, let's make things clear, let us talk about the Donald and his pinatas! This is something that has been going on for a while, everyone wants to buy a Donald Trump Pinata. But why is this the case? Why and when did the world start demanding these pinatas to be made? What was the catalyst? Who was the first one to kick-start this trend? So many questions to pose, but are there any answers for them? Fear not! Even though there may not be a perfect answer for all these questions, if we dig deep we can get some interesting pieces of information worth sharing and posting. So, shall we begin?
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Beat a Donald Trump Pinata

We all know who Donald Trump is, how can somebody not? He is everywhere. Well, he has been everywhere his whole life. He gets a living (and what a living) from making a name out for himself. Since the mid 80's he has been always expressing his opinions on T.V., the radio, his numerous books, and lately social media. He used to talk mostly about how to make deals, how to make money and how to have the perfect haircut. That changed quite a bit by the end of the 1990's though. 
Here Trump devising his idea that Iraq is the Harvard of terrorism despite Hussein.

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He was always prone to criticize American politics from the beginning, but he became more vocal about it as he became older. He started attacking everyone he thought was incompetent at his or her job (he thought that of plenty of people). He engaged in several feuds with well-known politicians and his opinions on certain topics were deemed as polarizing and overly conservative.
Notwithstanding his statements, he never got much negative attention and was never considered to be more than a rather nosy know-it-all millionaire. He started being more and more involved in politics, openly supporting conservative candidates (Mitt Romney) and asking for presidents' birth certificates. His popularity grew, but to a certain point. His fame skyrocketed though when, in 2015, he presented his candidature for the upcoming presidential elections of 2016. As if his running for president had not been striking enough, his statements on the topic of immigration (and specially about Mexican immigrants) put him on the spotlight he always wanted to be in, at the price of numerous criticisms from people, organizations and political groups. 
With this speech Trump provoked the most dangerous of all professionals: pinata makers.

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These statements changed everything. A huge backlash ensued. Many business partners left him, many people stopped buying his real state, politicians from left and right attacked him, and the media gave him coverage. What else happened? Well, Mexicans retaliated. And how did they do it? Well, in one of the most curious ways possible:
Trump Pinatas in many sizes and styles paroding Donald's signature toupée.

Donald Trump Pinata in All Sizes and Prices

Yes. People started building, selling and bashing Donald Trump Pinatas all around the U.S. and Mexico. Pinata Makers have always created pinatas based on public figures and celebrities, and when Trump made his campaign announcement and immigration speech everyone saw the opportunity to capitalize on him to earn some money and also to get some payback from him. "You cannot beat the real one, then let's beat his pinata" said everybody. Pinata stores all around the U.S. and Mexico produced and sold this product to the masses desperate for the pinata of the would-be politician with the infamous comb-over. 
Dalton Ramirez, Mexican pinata maker owner of the "Pinateria Ramirez" is the person that allegedly started the trend of the Donald Pinata. Just within days of Trump's speech he had the first model built and displayed outside his store. Other pinata makers were keen on picking up the trend and creating their own designs. 
Like this one from MASHABLE...
...and this one from Al Jazeera, in which a Trump Pinata poses next to a Batman one.
Many people started organizing public beatings of this pinata, for the purpose of having fun in most cases, but also for political purposes. 
Trump Pinatas of all kinds hit the streets... or the other way round.

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This practice exploded. Everybody wants to have a Donald Trump Pinata now. Irrespective of what the purpose may be, these pinatas are selling like hot cookies. And the phenomenon only gets bigger as more media coverage is given to it. They have become so famous that many celebrities have gotten hold of one and uploaded pictures with them.

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Chelsea Handler making friends with one of our Trump Pinatas.

Chelsea Handler is a special case: She purchased a pinata of Donald Trump and, after taking several pictures with it, she featured it in the trailer of her upcoming Talk Show on Netflix and also made some people (both adults and children) swing at it ferociously. It is also worth mentioning that these were not the only offenses she planned for millionaire extraordinaire.
Not trying to be politically correct it seems.
Another celebrity that got one of these pinatas is Salma Hayek:

And this is only the beginning. As time goes by people will post more and more photos of the politician of the moment in a pinatized version: Famous, non-famous, adults, children, people with political affiliations or people with no political interests. Everyone wants a piece of the cake, or, should I say, the pinata. Whatever the future holds for these pinatas, we can only say that we will be there to make sure it gets reported! We have made our contribution already by offering you the best Donald Trump Pinata in the market. 

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