Donald Trump Pinatas is one of the biggest hits of the moment. And they are certainly the pinatas that sell the most in the world. Several people (both famous and non-famous) have uploaded photos, videos and social media updates in which they show us their own version of this infamous politician. 
One of the celebrities that stood out the most was Chelsea Handler, and incredibly popular comedian and social media personality characterized for being blunt, direct and not particularly politically correct. These are not reproachable traits, not at all. In fact, her opinionated statements about a range of topics make her really popular among many people. We love her for that. A couple of days ago Chelsea purchased a pinata of Donald Trump from us,, and after taking several pictures with it, she decides to use the pinata as one of the features in her upcoming Netflix series. In the trailer released  she hangs the pinata and instructs people to bash it publicly.
Here's the Trailer of her upcoming show: A Netflix Talk Show