We are all amazed by big things: Sky scrapers, monuments, places, animals, and so on. We seen to be fascinated for those things that are bigger than us. We are also fascinated by those over-sized models of trivial every day things. And the trend does not ignores pinatas evidently. A couple of years ago we wrote an article of what was at the time the biggest pinata in the world. It had the shape of a donkey and it was made to be featured in a commercial (there is an article on that in this blog). Today, we proudly announce that that record was broken. The donkey pinata is no longer the biggest one in the world. That spot was taken by the M&M Mr. Pretzel Pinata. 

Created as a way to celebrate the M&M's character Mr Pretzel's first birthday, the biggest pinata was shaped like an orange and was displayed in the 69th Regiment Armory on Lexington Avenue, the only place that could house it. The pinata had this measurements: 121.279 cubic feet (47 feet high, 69.5 feet wide and 37.67 feet deep). It goes without saying that this pinata was filled with loads of candy. 2000 pounds of bags of M&M were needed to filled it out completely.

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