Planning a birthday party for the little one can be very demanding since your child has a lot of expectations of this day! Children just want their party to be outstanding and it is parents who have to make that possible. The party you throw for your child should fulfill their expectations so I recommend you take suggestions and inputs from them as to their likings. It becomes much easier if they participate in the planning part of the event. What they and their friends would find cool and what they would hate is what your child can fill you in. Let your creativity and energy team up with their enthusiasm and you are sure to get together a party that is talk of the neighborhood!
Some of the coolest party ideas for a kid's birthday party are:

1. Pirate Mystery Party

This party idea is great fun for both boys and girls. The theme involves adventure and mystery. You have a great scope to exercise your creativity regarding invitations, decorations, party favors and even costumes on the pirate theme! How about creating a Pirate Party invitation in the form of a map, or treasure box? You can include a simple riddle on the invitation that will help kids find a treasure chest hidden at the party place!
Make sure you use proper props and decor so that the kids find themselves in the real surroundings and feel like pirates themselves. Palm trees and pirate ship cutouts and an island scene on the wall will do the trick. There is a huge range of pirate props available in the market, if your budget allows it you can get some such as mini treasure chests, pirate flags, pirate hats, and pirate swords with eye patch as they are for keeps! Finish decorating with a treasure chest pinata full of chocolate coins and candy.

2. Princess Party

if you are planning a party for your little girl then what better way to please her and her friends than throwing a Princess Party for her. There is a great variety of princess costumes available at the stores or you can even design your own outfits. Don't forget to accessorize your little girl's Princess Costume with bracelets, tiara, hair accessories, jewels, a magical wand, and body glitter. The whole party should have the feel of princely style. The cake, decor of the party place, and party supplies can be customized to match your Princess Party theme.