Picnic with a Twist

Who says you have to have the same type of outdoor BB-Q or picnic. I’ve got a new twist to the old fashioned picnic; this will bring a fun and unique way to your outdoor picnics.
Fix a nice lunch that is healthy yet fun such as a peanut butter sandwich, Jell-O cups, a piece of fruit, some carrot sticks and place them in a brown paper bag. Decorate the bags (decide on a theme like red, white, and blue, for Fourth of July). Pack up the bags with the food items and fold the tops down, (plan on one sack lunch per person). Then cut a hole in the tops of the bags and tie a heavy string through the whole, leave it long enough to hang down from a tree.
Take your individual juice boxes and tie each one up also leaving the string long enough for the juice to hang down from a tree. Gather all your little ones (and even your not so little ones) for a picnic in the trees. Tie all the lunch bags and juice boxes to the tree so that they hang down low enough for little ones to reach up.
Off on one side place your blanket down and have all the children sit. Take the first child and place a scarf over their eyes so that they can’t see, turn them around a few times (you don’t want them too dizzy or disoriented) and have them search for and reach for a lunch bag and a juice box. Let each person attending have a chance to pick their lunch from the tree. Once everyone has gotten their lunch bag and drink have them sit on the blanket in the cool shade and play some communication games like “Operator”, “Word Games”, “I Spy” or start your own story where everyone in the circle has to add one sentence to make up a story. Before you know it your picnic is just about over and it’s time for dessert.
Once you have finished your main lunch do a scavenger hunt for the desserts. Place your guests in teams and give clues as to what type of dessert there is and where it could be. This will add a new twist to an old pastime.