Getting bored and tired of the same old summer outdoor activities? Well I have two suggestions to one of the oldest games around; “THE RELAY RACE”. I’ve done this at family reunions and church events and they are a hit.
Suggestion One: Find different items around your house, such as empty soda bottles, hangers, pillow cases, frisbees, spoons, whatever you can get your hands on. Make sure you have two of each. Gather your crew together and break up in two teams. Set all the items in a basket, box, recycling bin whatever is easiest and available down at the far end of the course. (To throw a little bit more fun into it put obstacles in their paths such as boxes, tires, cones, etc).
The teams start off with the littlest one going first, running to the opposite end and pick up 1 item, run back and hand off to the next one. The next one has to hold that item and race to get another item. This keeps on until the last person in line has to run with all the items in their arms go and get the box come back and place all the items in it, the first team to cross the line with the box and all items wins.
Now the second suggestion, this will take a little more work and imagination on your part. Sit with your teams and decide what countries you would like to have represented, then look up on the internet to see what type of toys or objects children play with. See if you can find an item similar and get one. For example in Kenya children will play with an old bicycle rim and a stick. So find an old bicycle rim and whatever else you and your children decide.
Put all the items in a box (do as suggestion 1 with the items) and have each child make up a t-shirt with the nation that they will represent. Have an opening ceremony where the kids get to state what Country or Nation they represent and what the children do for fun in that Nation. To add a little spice I will create medals out of canning jar lids and spray paint them gold, silver and bronze, with a hole drilled into it for the ribbon which is plain red, white or blue.
Have fun and use your imagination!