Summer is the best season to let your toddlers explore their environment. Make the most out of the nice weather: go outside and introduce your little lad to the world outdoors he has yet to discover.

Toddlers are very active and I’m sure going outside will be the best part of the day. Just be sure to always watch over them because these little fellows love to discover things. They tend to run over places without looking around, and they pick things that might be dangerous for them like insects or sharp objects, or small things that they might swallow. Bring first aid kits like antiseptics and bandages and other personal items like powder, baby wipes, and extra shirt for changing when he gets too sweaty and dirty.

Getting to Know Mother Nature

My son and I love to go outside in the morning while it’s not too hot yet. I take him to our park where there are different trees and plants. He enjoys exploring the colorful flowers and the little insects. I tell him the names of each of the trees and plants he sees. I explain to him how they live, how we benefit from them, and the importance of taking care of them. While teaching him we collect some flowers and leaves that we can use for a collage that we’ll make when we get home. I display it in his room so he will always remember what he learned.
On weekends my husband joins us in the park. I bring packed lunch so that we can have some picnic while enjoying the nature. Because it is my husband who knows so well about heavenly bodies he is the one in charge of teaching him about the clouds and its different types, the sun, the planets and the stars.
At night I put some thick cloth or sleeping bags on the grass in our garden. The three of us love to lie down while watching the moon and the stars. My son really enjoys this part. Believe it or not at 3 years old he knows the different constellations better than me.

Cooking Together

There are times that even if its summer the weather is still unpredictable and it will rain occasionally. So when we can’t go outside, I make up to him by letting him join me while making some cupcakes and cookies. I teach him how to create different shapes for the cookies. I also use white chocolates and put different food colorings on it. We use it to decorate the cupcakes. Not only do we review together colors and shapes, but I have also discovered how creative my son can be when decorating treats!

Socializing with Other People

There are times that I let him join me and the other moms in the playground for our morning exercise. There are other kids that he can play with. I introduce him to the people of the community and what they do for a living. In this way he gets acquainted with the different professions and how helpful these people are. Also he gets to practice how to pay respect to everyone around him.
These are just some activities that we do during summer. Not only that it is free or way too cheaper than enrolling him in summer classes, the bonding that we get is incomparable to any other experience. Also kids learn best if they enjoy what they are doing and do it with their loved ones.

Making a Garden (outdoors or in pots)

Planting and caring for a garden is one of those things that can have influence on many elements of one’s life. Working on a garden together can make a family closer; it can be an educational tool, can provide extra food, add beauty, be inspirational, and is fun and exciting. Gardening can also be done just about anywhere and in any kind of living condition.
Wither you live in an apartment or a house, Arizona or Oregon, you can plant a garden. Gardens can be outside in the ground or in containers inside or on the patio.
If you are new to growing a garden or if you don’t have much time, tomatoes are probably the best plant with which to start. The reason is that tomatoes are popular, relatively easy to grow, and produce abundant fruit on one plant. Tomatoes come in many varieties, some may be better for different climates and different situations. Roma tomatoes are the easiest to grow all around because they are more disease resistant and can be grown ideally in either a pot or in the ground. The recent fad of growing tomato plants upside down shows how versatile are tomato growing methods.
Growing food is a great idea but who wants a garden without flowers?
Outside you can grow any flower that will grow in your area’s climate. If you need information about what plants grow where, when, or in which areas of the garden, check with your local nursery.
Flower gardens work well in pots also. Almost any type of flower can be grown in a pot. Miniature Roses, Pansies, Lilies, Snap Dragons, and Poppies are all fairly easy to grow. The most important thing (other than watering and caring for the garden) is to select the right kinds of pots and soil. Wooden and plastic pots are not recommended.
No matter what you plant, a garden can be made personal and fun. You can decorate the outdoor gardens by painting stones and using them as the garden border. Container gardens can be enhanced with hand painted pots. If you have several children try giving each of them their own plant or area of the garden for which to care. Each child can paint his or her name on his or her pot(s) or on a rock placed in his or her area of the garden.
Inside, outside, or on the patio, a summer garden can bring color, flavor, and memories to the season.