Forbidden Moves

Players get in a line facing the leader. The leader must make different movements and the players repeat all of them exactly. But there are 2 movements that the players mustn't repeat and must make other movements instead. For example, when the leader puts his/her hands on the back of the head the players must squat, or when the leader bends forward, the players must clap their hands. The player who makes mistakes is out of the game and the last one left wins a prize.

Merry Porters

The first player in each team must carry three balloons to the opposite side of the room. When a player reaches the end line the next player must pick four balloons and carry them to the end line. Increase the "burden" by one balloon for each new player. You can have the youngest kids play first, leaving the oldest ones to carry the largest amount of balloons! Lots of fun to play and watch!


Put a stool upside down. Players must stand at each leg of the stool giving their backs to the stool. The players are blindfolded. Each of them holds a spoon in his/her hand. At the leader's command the players turn around and try to place the spoon on the leg of the stool as soon as possible. The player to place the spoon first on one of the stool's leg wins the game.
You can plan different kids birthday party games with this party idea. Instead of using a spoon, try using a coin for younger kids, or a marble for older ones. You can even divide children in groups of four and have a stool for each group. Players of each team have to be careful not to move the stool to help other players in their team place the spoon on the stool's legs. The team that finishes first wins.