Summer time and the kids are home. Many kids spend their free time sitting around playing video games. Don’t let them miss out on those exciting outdoor games that children have been playing for decades. Here are some games that you may remember.

Red Light, Green Light:

-This game requires three or more people. The more the better!
-One player (the Traffic Light) is selected to stand in front of the other players (the Cars) who are lined up shoulder to shoulder. 
-When the Traffic Light turns his or her back to the Cars and yells “green light” the Cars should race to reach the Traffic Light.
-When the Traffic Light turns to face the Cars and yells “red light!” the Cars are supposed to stop. Any Car caught moving after the Traffic Light turns to face them is out of the game.
-Whoever reaches the Traffic Light first wins and can be the Traffic Light in the next round.
Racing games are fun but when it gets really hot there’s nothing better than a water game.

Water Balloon Catch:

-This game requires 2 or more players.
-Fill up a water balloon. Be sure that it is full enough to make a big splash but not so full that it will pop before the game has begun.
-This can be played either as a simple game of catch or the players can slowly move further and further apart to make the game more challenging. 
-Eventually the balloon will burst, hopefully on one of the players.

Scavenger Hunt:

-This is something that can be done with any amount of people and any age.
-Make a list. An item on the list does not have to be an actual object. For instance, if “yesterday” is on the list, the scavenger(s) can find yesterday’s date on a calendar. 
-The participants can find the items individually, break into teams, or stay together.
-The hunt can take place outside, inside, or at a mall or shopping center.
-The participants can prove that they found the items by showing the actual items, taking pictures, or (at a mall or shopping center) by listing the items prices.
These are only three of the outdoor summer games that kids can play to keep their bodies and brains active and healthy. Make sure your kids don’t live sedentary and solitary summers by sitting in front of the TV, get them outside to get exercise and have fun together!