Now that you have your table set up and your guests dressed what about the party activities to keep everyone entertained all party long? There are numerous activities that you can plan to make a luau more festive, such as the following:
- Get a karaoke machine, ukuleles and bongos so your guests can create a Luau band. While the men are playing in the band, have the women do hula dances in their grass skirts. 
- Plan a hula hoop contest and see who gets the most hulas for the longest time. 
- A party game that can’t miss at a luau is dancing limbo. You can buy a limbo set at the stores or use a broom stick. Have people dance and bend backwards to go below the stick! Lower the stick more and more to increase the difficulty of the game. 
- Coconut bowling: Use coconuts as balls and pineapples as pins. 
- Lei tosses: Let guests toss their lei around a post. Move tossing line farther away each time.

Tacky Tourist Relay 

Put together two sets of "tourist gear" containing items like a beach hat, sunglasses, lei, hula skirt, shorts, aloha shirt or muumuu, flip flops, snorkel fins and snorkel, kiddy floatie ring, pail and shovel, camera on a strap, etc. Each set of tourist gear needs to have similar if not exactly the same items. 
Have your guests divide into two teams. For this relay all team members begin at a start/finish line. One at a time each team has a member run to the pile of tourist gear, put on one item, then run back to the start/finish line and pass the item on the awaiting team member. After the tourist gear is on the new team member they run down to the pile of tourist gear and put on another item, run back to the start/finish line and pass off the tourist gear to the next awaiting team member. Each person takes a turn in the relay until the first person wearing ALL the tourist gear crosses the start/finish line. A great Luau party idea is to take pictures of guests wearing this funny outfit as they run to the finish line! 


The Hawaiians played 'ulumaika. This game is played as follows:
A round rock about the size of a softball is rolled or pitched through two short wooden stakes. A point is gained each time the rock passes through the stakes. People decide on the distance between the stakes and the distance at which participants must stand. 

Erupting Volcano Kids Craft Activity

Include this craft activity in your list of Luau games for the youngest guests. You will need dough to make the volcano. Help kids model a volcano with the dough (leaving a deep whole in the middle), then add baking soda in the hole and pour in some vinegar to create an "eruption"!

Hula Hoops Dance

Organize Luau games with hula hoops. Make hula hoop contests: give a prize to the person who can play the hula for longer, to the player who knows the best moves with a hula, etc.

Break a Luau Themed Pinata

We have hula girls, palm trees, dolphins, flip flops, and many other pinatas that will perfectly match your luau party theme.