Dancing Trivia

Who can remember the complete routine of their favorite line dances back in the seventies? Let the best dancers teach the "bus stop", "hustle" and other line dances they can remember to the rest of the guests. Those who make a mistake are out! Of course, the dancer who can remember the most steps is the winner. 
Let the Saturday night fever get you dancing to the rhythm of disco music!

Race on Platform Shoes

Find light pieces of wood about 5" wide, 15" long and from 3-4" tall. Participants must wrap a piece of wood to each shoe with a string. Once the "platforms" are ready, line up for a funny race!

Charlie's Angels

Players make two teams. Charlie (the host or hostess of the party or anyone you choose) will ask two players (one from each team) at a time to carry out a mission for him, such as singing a song from the seventies, finding out who is the main actor of a seventies movie, etc. The game can be a combination of trivia and scavenger hunt. Charlie can ask the angels to look around the party for a red purse, a lipstick, a hat or cap, or even a person of a certain age. Each player has to race to carry out their mission first and win a point for his / her team!